Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Last night my wife, daughter and I all went out to get some ice cream at the new Baskin Robbins down the street from our house. We walked in and I started looking around for my usual… Daiquiri Ice. It's so delicious and is one of the few sweets I crave in this world. So there I am, wandering back and forth in front of freezer, with each passing second becoming more and more like a caged lion at the Hoogle Zoo who knows it only has 3 more months to live, because after all it is the Hoogle Zoo. Finally I turn to the teenage girl behind the counter and ask why I can't see the Daiquiri Ice anywhere, to which she replies, "They have discontinued it." Yes that's right they have discontinued my favorite ice cream. Damn them. Damn them all. (Picture me in a Charlton Heston/ Planet of the Apes pose) I'm telling you the Baskin Robbins executive who made this decision is going to Hell and the only way he can redeem himself is by putting it back on the shelf.

Sigh. I'm just depressing myself thinking about it. Last two posts haven't been about writing. I promise tomorrow will be!!

Also on the plate tomorrow… how the creator of Monster stole my idea for a really cool obituary web site… you think I am crazy, but I have proof that I came up with the idea several months ago.

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