Monday, June 30, 2008

Saying goodbye is never easy… but 5K sure makes it easier!

So some of you may know that may old Subaru died a week and half ago. I have been in the process of looking for a new car … either a Honda Element or Honda Civic (If any of you know of a good deal on either give me a ring) So I decided a week ago that I would sell some of my original art to help finance the car. I had a Sandman page from Issue #3 and thought I could get around a thousand for it. Well I started doing some research and found that I had undervalued it. So after all was said and done, after I held a bid for the page, I received $5,600.00 to put toward my new car. Most people in my family were a bit surprised to say the least.

I purchased the page from the artist around 12 years ago for $40.00. I have had it forever and even though I got a lot of money for it, I'm very sad to see it go. It was one of those things that reminded me of a piece of my past, a sign post of the time I spent working at Night Flight.

So on Saturday I said goodbye and shipped it off to its new owner. All I have to say is he better take care of it or he may have an angry man on his doorstep!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Imagined Moments

I thought I should come up with something to help my writing-fu and this is it. Imagined Moments. It just a writing exercise that is based on the idea of coming up with a small scene that tells a little a little story. Anyone who wants to add their own to the comments … feel free. I will probably post one ever couple of days.

Imagined Moments #1

He sat on a bench in the middle of the mall, people walking by him on each side, head down and tears streaming down his cheeks. He was in his sixties or seventies, his grey hair only thin wisps on top of his head. His skin was a leathery brown, freckled and spotted with age. He must have been a man who had spent most of his life out in the open, I thought to myself as I stood there with my two year old daughter in my arms, waiting for my wife to come out of the store. He wore plain brown slacks and a short sleeved faded canary yellow button shirt, clothes that I assumed he had been wearing for the last thirty years

The older man looked down at his hand, watching as the tears fell from his face to land on his palm, then slowly he looked up and our eyes caught each others. We looked at each other for only a few seconds.

I could feel his sadness, it was tangible, a thickness in the air as we stood staring at each other. Perhaps it was only my imagination but my daughter squirmed in my arms as if she could feel it as well.

I moved to go speak with him, but as I took a step, the older man stood up from the bench, turned and disappeared into the crowd of shoppers.

"Okay let's go," I heard my wife say as she walked up next to me.

I paused trying to see if I could find him and then said, "Okay."

Monday, June 16, 2008

Thank You !

Thank you to everyone who has sent me an e-mail about the blog and about the beginning of my novel. I will be throwing the first few chapters up here in the next few days and would appreciate any crits that you can send my way.

I had a great being Father's Day and all. My wife and daughter gave me the 3rd season of Lost, a book, and some chocolate. I think my daughter was more excited about the chocolate then anything. She loves dark chocolate. What can I say, the girl has taste.

I did get to see Kung fu Panda with my daughter and wife over the weekend. I really enjoyed the movie -- nice simple story and it was fun. My daughter now thinks all Panda's say "HIIII YAAAAhhhhh"

One recommendation ... Robin Hood on the BBC is a really good fun show. You should all check it out.

Friday, June 13, 2008

My Daughter... and a few other things.

This morning before I came into work, my daughter and I read/looked at the comic book "Courtney Crumrin and the Night Things." The comic is about a little girl who isn't well liked by the kids at school, lives at her grandfathers house, and is learning from her grandfather how to do magic. If you haven't read the series then I would suggest you go out and buy it as quick as possible.

The reason I tell this story is because as we looked at it, I would point at the pictures in the book and my daughter would name each picture. Cat, Horse/ Nehheeea (she loves to do the sounds), baby, girl ... and then finally we came to the last one. Monster. Yes that's right, my one and half old daughter knows monsters when she sees them and she isn't afraid. Her saying Monster is going to make me smile all day.

On another note... I will be throwing up another story today. "Something In What I Saw". It was a story that I wrote two years ago for an online comic/magazine. It turned out to be too long so I wrote "Rundowns and Turnbacks" which ran in the magazine instead. I actually quite like this story and I think its a little diffrent in format then most things I have done. Its also a little darker.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Blog...

Alright, I'm going to try this again. I have decided, with the encouragement of my wife, to start a blog where I can post my writing and let everyone have easy access to some of the stories I want to tell.

I named the blog "Waiting at the Crossroads" because of my obsessive interest in the story of Robert Johnson, a blues musician who waited at the crossroads for the Devil so he could sell his soul so that "he could learn how to play this here geetar." (A version of the story appears in the movie O Brother Where Art Thou...)

Those people who know me, also know that wrote a story about that in a roundabout way dealt with Robert Johnson's soul. I throw it up as my next post.

Feel free to critic anything I put on here. The main purpose of this site is to make me a better writer.

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