Thursday, March 5, 2009

Queries and Pitches

I have been thinking a lot about pitches and queries as well as reading a whole lot about how best to create a query. I think I want to throw out a h draft of the summary part of a query I have been working on. If anyone is out there and would like to comment on it, I would appreciate it. WARNING—THIS IS A VERY ROUGH DRAFT!!!


So in few years from now, magic makes a comeback. I'm talking faeries, demons, and whole bunch of violence and chaos that hasn't been seen since God told Noah to count them two by two.

Yeah, it kinda sucks for a while.

It's okay though, after several years we get it under control.

The world's a little different now, technology and fossil fuel have been replaced, and a whole new economy has been created around magic. It's also created a whole new set of problems.

My names Whitaker Morgan. I'm an Agent for the Internal Power Agency, a government group like the CIA or FBI that deals with all of the new magic related issues.

Do you have coven of witches stealing children in your neighborhood, or maybe you know about terrorist planning to ues a demon to blow up a building – we're the one who get called in to take care of it.

But right now, I have got bigger problems.

I just found out that my ex-partner has gone all nutty and decided to start opening gates to Hell, prepping the world for an apocalypse that makes the last one look like two brats fighting in a sand box.

When I catch-up to him, it isn't going to be pretty.


Colleen said...

I am not sure what a query or a pitch is, maybe you can elaborate.

JP Garner said...

When you finish your book and you are looking for an agent or editor, most of them will only look at a 1 to 2 page query letter. Basically you have 250-500 words to tell them what your book is about and who you are. Most queries have to have what is called a hook-- something that grabs the attention of the reader. Think of queries as the back synopsis on books or movie trailers -- something wholly designed to make you read or watch it.

Marianne said...

So this is the story that you're half-way through? Hmmm...I like the concept. I'm not sure I like thinking about my own work this way...I kinda liked doing it just for fun. :)

JP Garner said...

Marianne- the first 9 or so chapters are posted on this blog so you're welcome to read them :)

I really enjoy writing but I would love it even more if it paid my mortgage.

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